AARON (Arnd) BEN ISAAC BENJAMIN WOLF (c. 1670–1721), rabbi in Germany; nephew and son-in-law of the court Jew jost liebmann , who appointed him head of the yeshivah he founded in Berlin. In 1697 Aaron became deputy rabbi and in 1709 rabbi of Berlin. Berlin Jewry was then rent by internal strife in which Aaron supported Liebman's widow in her struggle for leadership of the community against the court Jew Markus Magnus. When in 1713 the Magnus faction prevailed, Aaron left Berlin to become rabbi of Frankfurt on the Oder, which had been detached from the Berlin rabbinate to enable him to officiate there. Aaron was suspected of Shabbatean sympathies. In 1713 he approbated two works by nehemiah hayon . -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Graetz, Gesch, 10 (1896), 322–3, n. 6, 481–510; Graetz, Hist, 5 (1949), 219, 220; Sachs, in: Juedische Familien-Forschung, 2 (1928–30), 15–16, 40–41.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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